Current Endorsements and Recommendations:

Individual Endorsements:

Wendy Smith

Vancouver School Board Director

Temple Lentz

Clark County Councilor

Donna Sinclair

Washougal School Board Director

Laurie Lebowsky

Vancouver City Councilor

What others are saying about Tracie:

"Barrows’ demeanor and experience mark her as a worthy candidate to help Vancouver schools move toward the future." " Of course, articulating a vision and implementing one can be two different things." Barrows demonstrates "the traits necessary to bring that vision to fruition." Barrows has "a broader grasp of the district’s mission and a better understanding of the role the school board can play in implementing that mission." -The Columbian Editorial Board (article link)

"I am honored to endorse Tracie Barrows as a candidate for the Vancouver School Board. Her perspective as a school psychologist is vital and would be an invaluable addition to our school board. Tracie knows how to get things done. She doesn’t shy away from challenging conversations and doesn’t hesitate to ask tough questions. Tracie is completely committed to making sure our students are safe, healthy, and ready to learn. Her insight, work ethic, compassion, and intelligence belong on the Vancouver School Board." -Wendy Smith, current VPS School Board Director

"As a school psychologist, Tracie would bring a needed and unique perspective to the Vancouver School Board because she has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of today’s students. She has an extensive educational background and has actively fought to support our teachers." -Laurie Lebowsky, Vancouver City Councilor

"Tracie's experience in public schools and her commitment to listening and advocating for students make her an ideal candidate for school board!" -Donna Sinclair, Washougal School Board Director

“Tracie has a focus on the foundational needs of our children, and what needs to be in place for learning to occur. She has concrete plans for extending the reach of our schools into the community to add value to the schools and the surrounding neighborhoods.” -Westside Neighborhood Coalition

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tracie as a special education teacher. Tracie was the school psychologist at my elementary school and was a phenomenal leader for our sped team and a voice that always advocated for kids needs. She is passionate about making schools a safe and inclusive environment for all kids. She is focused, intentional, and informed with her work, advocacy, and leadership. Educator voices need to be at the table making decisions for kids, teachers, and schools. I am confident that Tracie will be the strong voice Vancouver schools need." -Linda Albright-Campbell, Teacher

"Tracie brings firsthand knowledge and experience in effectively supporting our school community; she understands the complex needs of even our most vulnerable citizens. Tracie's involvement on the school board will fortify the bridge between policy makers and those whose voices deserve to be heard." -Sonja Hanchar, special education teacher, Vancouver Public Schools

"Tracie is skilled at communication with all walks of life. She is able to listen to different viewpoints and come to a fair conclusion. She understands many aspects of education from personal experience as a school staff member as well as working with folks who have different educational jobs. Tracie works equally well with teachers and with parents which is necessary to be a good board member." -Sindy Sands, Speech-Language Pathologist

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tracie in the Evergreen School District. She is a great advocate for students. I feel confident she will advocate for the students and staff in the Vancouver School District!" -Deb Moroye, School Nurse

"She is articulate, fair, and able to consider various viewpoints." -Rene Elliott, Kindergarten teacher

"I'm proud to endorse Tracie Barrows for VPS. Her experience and vision for our schools are exactly what our teachers, students, and taxpayers need. " -Jake Garcia, Friends of Clark County

Thank you to the following supporters of my campaign!

-Wendy Smith and Rob Lutz -Linda Albright-Campbell -Donna Sinclair

-Adam Aguilera -Sonja Hanchar -Theresa Lang

-Bethany Rivard -Sunny Selders -Gary Ridder

-Joe Maldonado -Elizabeth Campbell -Jake Garcia

-Alisa Coats-Clemans -Sara De La Fuente -Beth Pfenning

-Divya Jain

-Melissa Cormier

-Nicolette Horaites and Eric Peterson