Hi, my name is Tracie Barrows

I am running for Vancouver Public Schools' Board of Directors, position 5

As a school psychologist and wife of a teacher, I know firsthand the opportunities and challenges that teachers face in providing academic learning, while also meeting the increased emotional and basic needs of our students. Our schools are tasked with equipping our students with the resources and skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. My job every day is to support students, families, and teachers in these efforts, and that is exactly what I promise to do on the school board.

VPS has shown success with their Family Community Resource Centers, increased counselor support, and other initiatives for supportive schools. I want to continue to advance this mission by making sure that the comprehensive needs of our students are being met. By prioritizing our budget appropriately, we can ensure our classrooms are safe places of learning and academic growth. My expertise and experience working in schools gives me the necessary insight to set policies, identify priorities, and best determine how our tax dollars should be spent to meet the diverse needs of all of our children.